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Hey there 
6th-Nov-2006 11:57 am
I am just about to finish writing out my computer research paper. I took a ahower and feel really refreshed..and stopped at the store and got some more ice cream. It is a special night. I have a date with my tv boyfriend...Michael from "Prison Break". LOL
There is tons of cleaning that needs to be done but I know I need to finish this paper before I do anything else. I spent hours working on the research portion of it yesterday. I hate it when I have to research such a boring topic. Something I am not really interested in. The topic is Computer recycling. I know it is important and I will do it myself if I ever get rid of a computer..but to sit and research it...reading everything you can about it..just to write it all down..BORING!!!! Normally..I love doing research. I research stuff all the time.. But that is stuff I am interested in. Like lately I have been studying religion.. I haven't been able to focus on it as much as I would like to though lately because of schoolwork..
I am going to take pictures of my sketches to send to my parents. So I will post them here too. I am pretty proud of them.
Why do I always feel so sleepy after a shower? I feel like I could go take a nap.
I finally asked Peggy to stop calling me so many times in the morning. She would call me at 8 am and if I don't answer..which I never do that early..she will call me 4 or 5 more times even before 10am. And if I had a particlarly bad night and need to sleep even later..she will call me 3 more times before noon or 1:00. Waking me up each time..leaving messeges each time. Saying basicly the same thing in each message. And every time that phone rings it sounds ten times louder then it really is because it is waking me up out of a dead sleep and it makes me so mad..sometimes it wakes me up in the middle of a really good dream! LOL Thank god I can go right back to sleep and continue the dream usually. But this was happening nearly every day and I had to say something about it. I simply asked her to do me a favor...if she calls me in the morning..would she please just leave a message and wait for me to call her back? Not call me a half dozen more times trying to get me... She said she would..and we left it at that. She didn't sound mad or hurt. Thank goodness..
I never answer the phone when it wakes me up out of a dead sleep. I am usually barely cohearent and can't remember half of what was said later on..so I just don't bother.

Ok..I guess I need to work on that paper. I hope all my friends are having a good day..
I'm sure I'll be back later on..
6th-Nov-2006 09:25 pm (UTC)
That research paper sounds lousy. I'm glad I don't have to do it! I can't wait for pictures of your sketches, though.
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