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It's me!

I have some more things to do before my parents get home. They will be here either tomarrow or Sunday. My bedroom is a mess and the living room is cluttered. I also want to clean the bathroom again. And my car needs cleaned out.
I am up really early because I was so tired yesterday I fell asleep really early. I woke up at 2:00am and couldn't fall back asleep.

There is alot I want to write about. There is actually too much. I need to get cleaning so it will have to wait.

I don't really know what the point of this post was.. LOL
I guess I am just procrastinating.
UGH..there is too much to do. I should have done it sooner but I was really sidetracked with school work over the past week. Finals are next week so once the cleaning is done I need to spend the rest of the weekend and the begining of the next week studying. Math especially. I suck at math. And I really need a good grade. I am passing but I am afraid a bad final grade could really bring me down..maybe even risk failing. Monday I need to go to Phoenix and go to the school and borrow a camera and computer and make a portfolio for my drawings from Drawing class. That will be my final grade in that class.
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