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Not happy.

I am NOT HAPPY!!! My parents are talking about staying another month!!!!!!!!!! I love them but I did not move in here to live with them!! They told me they were going to be moving back into the moterhome full time! That they were going to be traveling! Not staying here for months on end!!! Driving me crazy! 
I need my own place. I need my privacy and my freedom. I moved in here because they said they were leaving! They left for a little while...but at the rate they are going....they are going to be here more than they are away!!! 
Honsetly...I am beyond frustrated right now. 
Words can not express.

I have discovered a love for Supernatural fanfiction.. so that has been keeping me distracted for now. But now I need to get to bed. I have to get up early tomarrow. Class starts at 1:00.


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