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I am finally changing my nickname on here. I haven't liked my name (luvz_daniel) for a long time now. I only picked it because I didn't have the patience to think of something better and I wasn't writing in my journal here back then. I was only using it to comment in communities.  
So I picked a new name..somthing that fits me alot better.. and opened a new journal... my name is  mystic_reader
I will still be using this journal for my communities while I build up my entries in my new journal. Most coms won't let people join who have had their journal for less than six months. 

To my friends here...please friend my new journal! I promise I am going to start being a better friend here! This new journal is kind of like a new start for me. I feel like alot of things have changed for me in the past few months and I would like to write about them...I have sort of been on a mental vacation for a while now.  I didn't want to do any serious thinking unless it was in school.  So I stopped writing in my journal..stopped writing fanfiction...stopped reading.. But I am feeling ALOT better and I am looking forward to getting back into things.  

So this will most likely be the last entry I write in this journal. I will be filling up my new journal....mystic_reader  I really hope you will all friend me again!

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